The Popkorn Company

Members of the team


Ludovic Winkler

Popkorn Hugo 3

Professional musician since 2015. After three years of touring with multiple bands, and participating in various contests, Ludovic Winkler begins solo orchestration in 2018.

Armed with an array of strangely named instruments, such as Korn Bass, didgeridoo, or kalimba, it is mostly with Human Beatbox and his Loop Station that he builds his Live Shows. His goal is to evolve the art of sampling with acoustic instruments, by giving more space to instrumental rather than electronic.

This sound researcher transforms noises into innovative music tracks, creative and surprising mixes of old and modern sounds.

Since his return from a dance school in Sweden in 2017, Philémon Flückiger works as a professional dancer in Switzerland and abroad. As many young people, he started with B-Boying, and then transitioned to standing styles, notably Popping, a style in which he specializes.

Trained by numerous pioneers of urban dance (Mr. Wiggles, Niki Tsappos, Shabba Doo, Suga Pop), he has created various choreographic pieces that he has presented in Switzerland as well as abroad. He qualified to the Locking semifinal at Juste Debout Nordic 2018  in Sweden, as well as in the Popping final at Bad&Boogie 2018 Battle.

He now seeks to open the world of dance to everyone by regularly organizing shows in public spaces and as well as free events.


Philémon Flückiger

Popkorn Phil Popkorn Crazy


Paula Jimenez


Native from Bilbao, Paula Jimenez is a Spanish dancer and traveler. Dance was transmitted from mother to daughter, and she was thus formed in ballet from an early age. For the last 8 years, she has been training Street Dances, particularly House Dance, and has studied with the biggest names of the street dance scene (Buddha Stretch, Loosejoint, Which-A-Way Sha, Mr. Wiggles).

Winner of the Rythm’N’Battle 2019 contest in Switzerland, she has a bright future ahead within the world of dance shows. She has organized several dance events and produced numerous shows in Spain with her company Fresas Con Nata. Always on the move, she is in love with change and discovery.

During her travels, Paula is constantly seeking to explore, and connect with communities and dancers wherever they may be, which leads in 2019 to her joining the PopKorn company.